Mirco bit Kit STEM starter Robotics

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The new “Starter Set for micro:bit” by fischertechnik provides easy-to-understand programming principles for students from the third class onwards with the micro:bit single board computer. In this complete set, fischertechnik is a kit for the construction of three stationary models, as well as fischertechnik “micro:bit IO F5 Adapter”, a new part of the kit. This adapter board has 8 outputs and 6 inputs. This allows simple, understandable display models (pedestrian traffic lights, hand dryers, barriers), with actuators and sensors, to be controlled via the “micro:bit board”. The didactic accompanying booklet as teaching and teaching material offers help with the commissioning of the models, convinces with different tasks and is freely available as a free download in the eLearning portal.

Additional teaching material:
The fischertechnik eLearning portal is available free of charge: Didactic supporting material, programming examples, information on the Micro:bit Board, information on fischertechnik IO Adapter and information on the software Make Code.

Product composition:
90 individual parts, of which 1x XS-Motor, 2x Button, 1x Photo transistor, 2 x LED-Lights, 1x fischertechnik IO adapter as well as 1x construction instructions as printed supplement, 1x didactic accompanying material can be retrieved online and 1x stable storage box with cover sheet and itemized list.

Main areas of instruction:
– Early programming
– Use and use of sensors and actuators
– Taxes, fairs and rules
– Cooperation and interaction of hardware and software
– Group work in different roles

Key Learning Objectives:
– Implement the first steps in programming robots independantly
– Create, modify and apply small programs yourself
– Learn and apply basic concepts of robotics
– Understand the importance of sensors and actuators and understand their functions
– Get to know topics such as taxes, trade fairs and rules
– Working in groups and in different roles

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Highlights & Details
Programming in primary school
3 models
90 components
Adapter board micro:bit IO F5 board
XS engine
2x light barriers LED
2x button
90 components
User manual.
ATTENTION: Absolutely necessary for operation: micro:bit board, software and power supply.