Meteorološka stanica TFA Dostmann WLAN VIEW PRO

25.000.00 rsd;


Meteorološka stanica TFA Dostmann WLAN VIEW PRO 35.8003.01 Wi-Fi weather station Forecasts for 7 days (requires Wi-Fi) Max. number of sensors 4.

  • Clear color display
  • 4 brightness levels
  • Additional functions via Internet connection
  • Professional weather forecast
  • Forecast for 12 to 24 hours with Wifi 7 days


If you want to do extensive weather observations, the VIEW PRO is exactly the right choice.
The wireless weather station with WLAN supplements its own local observation data with the professional predictions of an online weather service.
The station has two outdoor transmitters:
A solar-supported combination transmitter records the speed of wind and wind direction and controls the outdoor temperature and air humidity.
A rain gauge measures the amount of rain at the installation site. The data is transmitted over a range of up to 100 m (in free field) to the base station.
An integrated electronic barometer measures the air pressure and the colored weather picture shows a forecast for the coming weather. You can also keep an eye on the indoor temperature and humidity and control the indoor climate with targeted heating and ventilation.
In addition, the VIEW PRO offers further information such as the highest and lowest values, the perceived “windchill” temperature, the dew point and alarm settings for several parameters as well as a clock with date and fully written weekday.
4 additional stations, e.g. for temperature and air humidity control in the children’s room or a pool transmitter, can be shown on the station. The high-contrast color display can be adjusted in three brightness levels and automatically dimmed at night.
All these functions are available without Internet connection; thus the VIEW PRO can also be used as a full “Stand Alone” weather station.
The integration of the weather station into the local WLAN is done via the free TFA VIEW APP. You can easily follow the instructions in the APP. If the station is connected to the Internet, the display changes and a small icon indicates the information which is now imported via the online weather service. Instead of the weather forecast based on the barometric pressure changes, you now get a professional and continuously updated 12-hour forecast for your region.
By pressing a button you can individually call up the forecast for the next 12 hours or 7 days. Other interesting weather details like the expected highest and lowest temperatures and the probability of rain are displayed. The time and calendar are regularly updated to the latest status and you can even program personal messages or additional weather information via the TFA VIEW APP which is indicated on the display of the weather station.
By using the free VIEW APP the range of services becomes larger:
Use your tablet or mobile device to access the measured values of your VIEW PRO weather station from around the world, view your recordings of the last 30 days, set alarm limits and receive push notification in the case of an alarm. You can retrieve up to 50 wireless transmitters and devices via the APP.

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  • Colour display with 4 brightness settings and adjustable dimming function (continuous operation only with mains adapter)
  • Additional functions on the station via Internet connection
  • Free TFA VIEW APP allows worldwide recall of the readings
  • Professional weather forecast of the region for several days and sections of the day
  • With radio combination transmitter (solar powered) for wireless transmission of outdoor temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed and radio rain gauge (868 MHz, max. 100 m)
  • Display of indoor temperature and air humidity
  • Weather forecast with colored weather picture and atmospheric pressure
  • Max. Min function, wind temperature and dew point
  • Temperature, wind, rain and air-humidity alarm
  • Time and date with advertised weekday
  • Display of 4 more stations possible on the station (optionally available)
  • Additional functions on the station via WLAN: Professional weather forecast of the region for several days and sections of the day, expected highest and lowest values and probability of rain from an online weather service, automatic time setting and personal info-texts
  • Additional functions via free VIEW APP: Worldwide retrieval of the measured values from the station (incl. History of the last 30 days), adjustable alarm limits and push notifications in the event of an alarm; further stations can be added (available optionally)

Scope of delivery

  • With 6 bits. Combination transmitter
  • Rain transmitter
  • Mains adapter
  • Battery CR2032


TFA view weather stations with WLAN can also be used independently without the Internet connection.