Merač ugljen-dioksida Extech CO260

100.000.00 rsd


Merač ugljen-dioksida Extech CO260 0 – 9999 ppm.

The CO260 measures CO 2 (carbon dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide), air temperature and relative humidity. In addition, the CO260 displays the dew point and wet bulb temperature calculated from temperature and humidity measurements. The CO260 is an ideal measuring instrument for IAQ analysis (indoor air quality).

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Highlights & Details
Measurement of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, air temperature and relative humidity
Display of dew point and humidity ball temperature
With NDIR (non-dispersive infrared)
Adjustable carbon monoxide warning level
Long-life electrochemical sensor
Audible and visual alarm
Backlit LCD screen for easier viewing in low light
Low battery indicator
Auto switch-off
Mini-USB connection
Manual and automatic recording
Basic device
4 x AA batteries
USB cable
PC software
Hard case
User manual