Laboratorijsko napajanje VOLTCRAFT VLP-2403 0-40V 0.01-3A 273W

50.000.00 rsd;


Laboratorijsko napajanje VOLTCRAFT VLP-2403 0-40V 0.01-3A 273W.

  • Linear regulated PSU (no harmonics)
  • No. of outputs 4 x
  • Two separate lab jacks @ 0 – 40 V;0.01 – 3 A;273 W
  • Overvoltage protection (OVP)
The linear bench power supply unit eliminates voltage harmonics across the entire range of electrical loads and features separate USB ports for both R&D/QA and equipment charging. The device is suitable for any situation that involves pushing SMPS units to the limit. The VLP-USB is robust and comes with short circuit and overvoltage protection, and a thermal cutoff.

USB test and development port
The Voltcraft VLP-2403 USB allows stress-testing USB devices. The number of devices featuring USB host connectors is steadily on the rise. Those devices also need to operate with USB power supply not up to the required standards. The VLP-2403 USB comes with the appropriate test and development port.

USB current limiter
The built-in current limiter with variable settings simulates an USB port that supplies less than 500mA. This allows assessing whether e.g. USB flash drives work at low amperage levels.

USB under/overvoltage
The USB test port enables seamless voltage settings between 3.9 and 6.2V. The selector engages at 5.1V. For safety reason, overvoltage mode needs to be turned on separately. Undervoltage supply can be selected at any time.

Precise power settings
The 10-position selector knob helps set an output voltage of precisely 0 – 40 V.

Silent cooling
Unlike SMPSs, linear power supply units require appropriate cooling. The VLP-2403 USB comes with oversized passive heat sinks. No fans required. Moreover, there’s enough thermal headroom left to allow operating at maximum capacity levels.

QuickCharge USB 2.0 port
In addition to the USB test and development port, the unit comes with a USB charging port. This enables the supply of mobile devices and any USB-powered lab equipment.


  • Highly accurate multi-position selector knob
  •  USB developer mode (4.0 to 6.2 V)
  •  USB quick charging port (5V / 9V/ 12V).

Scope of delivery

  • Bench power supply unit VLP-2403 USB
  • Power cord
  • User manual.