Kontrola pristupa Renkforce 1582597

5.600.00 rsd


Kontrola pristupa Renkforce 1582597

  • With keypad illumination
  • Surface mounting
  • Additional 10 codes for visitors or workers possible
Never again nerviges key klimpern
This code lock is designed as a useful access control for your apartment, rooms, etc. in order to get into the apartment, you do not need key, the can be lost. They give only one of the selected passwords and access into the apartment.

Additional 10 codes for visitors or workers
In addition to the 100 possible codes that can be programd, there is also the possibility of a further 10 codes for instance. Visitors or workers. These codes expire either after a single input or can be controlled in time. (0-99 hours running time)

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  • With keypad illumination
  •  Surface mounting
  • Keypad
  • Wall-mounted housing
  • Diode
  • 2x fastening screws
  • 2x wall screws
  • 2x wall plug
  • Assembly Instructions