Set kondenzatori keramički 50V 960 u 1

1.800.00 rsd


Kondezator tip: keramički
Radni napon: 50VDC
Set sadrži: 960 kondezatora (po 40 kondezatora u 24 različite vrednosti)

Package Quantity: 24 Values, 960pcs (each value 40pcs), packed in a plastic storage case with compartments.

Capacity Model: Total 24 different values, which range from 2pF to 0.1uF: 2pF, 5pF, 10pF, 22pF, 30pF, 33pF, 47pF, 68pF, 100pF(101), 220pF(221), 330pF(331), 470pF(471), 680pF(681), 1nF(102), 1.5nF(152), 2.2nF( 222), 3.3nF( 332), 4.7nF(472), 6.8nF(682), 10nF(103), 22nF( 223), 47nF(473), 68nF(683), 100nF(104).

Material: Ceramic+ metal, Color: dark brown, Tolerance: ± 20%, Rated Voltage: 50V. Working Temperature: -20℃~ 100℃/ -4℉~ 212℉.

Applications: Excellent humidity resistance, Miniature Size, Wide Capacitance, Reliable Performance. It is widely used in Computers, Data Processing, Telecommunication, Industrial Control, etc.

A ceramic capacitor is a capacitor made of a ceramic material as a medium, coated with a metal film on the surface of the ceramic, and sintered at a high temperature. It is commonly used in high-stability oscillator circuits as loops, bypass capacitors, and pad capacitors.