Ispitivač kablova Trend Networks PoE Pro

100.800.00 rsd


Ispitivač tester kablova Trend Networks PoE Pro.

Data cable and PoE tester PoE Pro

The new PoE Pro increases the power of measurements during installation, maintenance and fault diagnosis of installations with power supply via Ethernet (Power over Ethernet, PoE).
Previously, technicians had to understand the individual standards, output power, and cable lengths of PoE to ensure that a connected device can operate properly.
Regardless of cable length, cable quality, and other factors, the PoE Pro detects the power class of the PoE source (PSE) and the power provided to the PoE device (PD, consumer). It outputs a clear OK/error result evaluation according to the standards IEEE 802.3af/at/bt.

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Highlights & Details
TDR length measurement and fault diagnosis
PoE detection: Determines IEEE standard, power class, type, and available maximum power (W) and voltage (V)
RJ-45, RJ-11/RJ-12 and coaxial ports for testing copper low voltage cables
Large display with backlight
Detects analogue (PBX) and digital (ISDN) telephone services
Displays the network data rate and duplex status
Advanced Performance Test
1 x tester
1 x remote adapter with two ports
1 x coaxial remote adapter
1 x alkaline battery
1 x multilingual user manual
2 x cable RJ45 on alligator clip (39 cm)
2 x shielded cable RJ45 to RJ45 (15 cm)
2 x cable RJ12 to RJ12 (10 cm)
1 x cable F-plug to F-plug (23 cm)
1 x F-81 coaxial coupling
1 x BNC socket to F plug adapter
1 x BNC socket to F socket adapter
1 x RCA socket to F plug adapter
1 x RCA socket to F socket adapter
1 x wiring overview in wallet format
1 x carrying case.