Generator funkcije UNI-T UTG1010A 10MHz

38.000.00 рсд



The UTG1010A function / arbitrary waveform generator is a single-channel generator using direct digital synthesis technology to create accurate and stable output of arbitrary waveforms with a resolution of 1μHz. Signal modulation is available with various modulations such as AM, PM, FM, ASK, FSK, etc. from an internal or external source, linear and logarithmic sweeping. The panel is ergonomically designed for easy operation. The use of the generator is envisaged in the design, testing, troubleshooting and repair of electronic and electroacoustic devices, such as testing circuits and devices in cellular and wireless systems, radio, television and radio systems; testing of semiconductor components, etc. Thanks to DDS technology, it is able to generate accurate and clear signals with minimal distortion. A user-friendly panel with simple operation and a clear display allows you to work much more efficiently and faster. It has a USB interface and powerful software for transferring data to a computer. It has an excellent price / performance ratio and a number of features.

Product parameters :

– single-channel generator with digital DDS signal synthesis
– generation of sinusoidal signals with a frequency of 1μHz to 10MHz
– generation of rectangular signals with a frequency of 1μHz to 5MHz
– generation of various other waveforms (sine, rectangle, ramp, triangle, pulse, noise, DC, arbitrary)
– types of modulation of AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM signals from internal and external source
– support for sweep signal output
– supports internal / external / manual trigger release
– 6-bit high-precision frequency measurement of external TTL compatible signals
– signal output amplitude up to 10Vpp at 50Ω impedance or up to 20Vpp in high impedance mode
– sampling frequency 125M / s and 14 bit vertical resolution
– storage of random waves with a length of up to 2048 points
– Possibility to store up to 16 groups of variable digital waves
– USB interface with powerful PC software
– multifunction knob and numeric keypad for easy operation
– system help
– 4.3″color TFT LCD display with high resolution

Technical parameters :

– output channels: 1
– sampling frequency: 125MS/s
– output frequency: up to 10MHz
– frequency resolution: 1μHz
– vertical resolution: 14 bits
– memory depth: 8 kpts
– types and frequencies of generated signals:
sine wave: from 1μHz to 10MHz
rectangular: from 1μHz to 5MHz
ramp (saw): from 1μHz to 400kHz
pulse: from 1μHz to 5MHz
any: from 1μHz to 2MHz
– amplitude range: 1mVpp ~ 10Vpp (50Ω), 2mVpp ~ 20Vpp (High Z)
– modulation types: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM, Sweep
– output impedance impedance: adjustable from 1Ω up to 1kΩ, or High Z, factory setting 50Ω
– output short circuit protection: yes
– total. harmon. distortion 20kHz, 1Vpp (typical value): <0.2%
– accuracy up to 90 days: ±50 ppm (18℃ to 28℃)
– accuracy up to 1 year: ±100 ppm (18℃ to 28℃
– display: TFT LCD with a diagonal of 4.3 “, 480 x 272 pixels
– USB Device interface: yes
– power supply: AC from 100 V to 240 V, 45 Hz to 440 Hz, CAT II
– power consumption: <25W
– protection: fuse 250 V, T2 A
– weight: 3.2kg
– dimensions: 265 x 110 x 320mm
– product color: white and gray

Contents of individual packaging :

– function generator UTG1010A: 1pc
– power cable: 1pc
– USB interface cable: 1pc
– BNC-BNC cable: 1pc
– CD with software for PC: 1pc
– Czech and English manual: 1pc

Packaging for wholesale customers :

– standard quantity per carton: 2pcs
– standard carton dimensions: 380 x 330 x 320 mm
– gross weight of the carton: approx. 8.5 kg