Generator funkcije SIGLENT SDG2042X 2x40MHz

102.000.00 rsd



Generator funkcije SIGLENT SDG2042X 2x40MHz – laboratorijska oprema.

Waveform Generator SDG2042X

* dual channel, max. bandwidth 40MHz
* 4,3″ TOUCHSCREEN display
* high performance sampling system with 1.2GSA/s
* superior 16bit vertical resolution
* inovative TrueArb technology support any 8pts~8Mpts Arb waveform with a sampling rate of 1μSa/s~75MSa/s
* EasyPulse technology generating lower jitter Square or Pulse waveforms
* vast analog and digital modulation types: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, PSK, FSK, ASK and PWM
* practical functions: ch copy, ch coupling, ch track, harmonic generator
* overvoltage protection functions
* sweep and burst function
* high precision frequency counter
* USB host, USB device, LAN
* LabView support

Bandwidth 40MHz
Sampling rate 1.2GSa/s
Vertical resolution 16 bit
Channels 2
Max. amplitude +-10V

Power: AC 230V, 50Hz
Display size: 4,3″, touchscreen

ACCESSORY: power cord, USB cable, BNC coaxial cable, CD with software, manual