Geigerov brojač SOEKS

20.000.00 rsd


SOEKS 112 – compact Geiger counter, nuclear radiation detector, dosimeter.

SOEX 112 – the most compact dosemeter of the SOEX line for household use, has a high measuring accuracy thanks to the radiation sensor SBM 20-1, with which you can evaluate radiation from surrounding objects with high accuracy and speed.

Radiation can be found everywhere: In the DIY store, in the vegetable market, in the toys you have given your child, and in the country you want to buy. And it is not always possible to carry out background measurements openly. For such cases, the engineers of “SOEX” have developed a miniature novelty. There is nothing superfluous: 2 buttons, a monochrome screen and only 20 seconds waiting time for the result!

The SOEX-112 is the most compact household dosimeter of the “SOEX” line. Its dimensions are comparable to those of a ballpoint pen, and the modern design will appeal to an esthetic. But don’t underestimate the tiny device: Its heart is a sensitive and proven sensor SBM 20-1. It is capable of perceiving the energy of gamma radiation at the level of 0.1 megaelectron volts! And the device warning threshold can be set by the user, starting with the radiation level of 0.3 microsieverts per hour.

The SOEX-112 dosimeter captures beta and gamma particles as well as X-ray radiation. The device is considered a household dosimeter, although its accuracy is comparable to professional models. It is possible to use the dosimeter in a wide temperature range.

For 100 hours of continuous operation, the SOEX-112 dosimeter requires only two tiny alkaline batteries of type LR44. And the background radiation test itself has never been so easy. The user interface of SOEX-112 is also understandable for an inexperienced user and the instructions enclosed with the device describe the measuring rules in detail.

Range for displaying the radioactive background radiation, µSv/h: 0 to 999
Warnings when exceeded, µSv/h: From 0.4
Batteries: 2 x LR44 (AG13)
Time of continuous operation of the device, hours: Up to 100
Measuring accuracy, max.: +/- 15%
Operating temperature range: -10 °C to +50 °C
Highlights & Details
Discrete measurements without attracting attention
Compact dimensions

High accuracy of measurements

Monochrome display
Value display: Continuous, numeric

2 x LR44 batteries
User manual.