Digitalni termostat VOLTCRAFT ETC-200+

4.200.00 рсд


Digitalni termostat VOLTCRAFT ETC-200+ NTC -40 up to +120 °C 10 A relay (L x W x H) 88 x 75 x 34.5 mm.

ETC-100 and ETC-200 thermostats are durable and easy to use. The ETC-100+ has been designed for cooling (relay kicks in when the temperature exceeds the upper limit). The ETC-200+ is suitable for both cooling and heating and comes with two relay outputs. Cooling mode ETC-100+ and ETC-200+ allows you to select on-delays between 0 to 30 . Moreover, a warning tone tells you if the sensor isn’t properly connected, or if the temperature exceeds the operating temperature range (-40 to +120°C). The ETC-200+ coolling mode also features auto-defrost.