Digitalni multimetar VOLTCRAFT VC-460 E

30.000.00 rsd;


Digitalni multimetar VOLTCRAFT VC-460 E Digital Water-jet proof (IP65) CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V Display (counts): 6000.

CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V

6000 counts

Dust and water-proof protection (IP65)

Extremely robust

With 3-phase direction indicator and 1 KHz low pass filter

ISO calibration certificate

Conrad Product Award Image

Analogue bar graph

3-phase rotary field tester

Simultaneous display of 2 measured values

Test voltage diode test: 3.0 V/DC

Measuring range acoustic. Continuity tester: 100 Ω (≤ 10 Ω acoustic)

Extremely robust multimeter
The VOLTCRAFT VC-400 series has been especially designed for electrical contractors and maintenance engineers routinely working in exposed conditions. It comes with a wide range of features that make this product an excellent choice.

Heavy duty
The rubber-coated compound enclosure protects meter and device when it’s being dropped on a hard surface, able to withstand a fall from 6 feet. And the rubber-coating also provides lots of grip.

Protection against water and moisture (IP65)
The measuring device is designed in such a way that rain and snow or even a water jet not lead to defects. This means using the meter on premises with high RH such as production plants, engine rooms and damp garages isn’t a problem at all.

Dust and dirt-proof
The housing, the sockets and all control elements are completely dust-tight design. Even after many years, the measuring device so ready for use as on the first day.

Non-slip in the lying and open
The VOLTCRAFT VC-400 Series has due to the rubberised back always slip contact with the surface. In the unfolded state remains the device thanks to the integrated rubber surface in the bracket. Safe.

True RMS readings ensure accuracy
True RMS measurement enables reading of asymmetrical voltage and amperage with wave forms other than a sinus. Asymmetric voltages are very common in various types of dimmers, speed limiters, synchonised switches, pulse-type chargers, or scale model speed controllers. Which means that in these cases conventional meters displaying average readings are prone to large measurement errors.

Automatic display lighting.
The built-in light sensor automatically switches on display backlighting in low-light conditions. The display features enhanced contrast levels. Moreover, auto backlighting can be turned off to safe battery life.

Measuring tips mounting
For measuring in the cabinet can be one of the measuring tips at the back of the device can be attached. The problem is, at the same time the device as well as two measuring tips holding, is thus released.

Large display with 6000 Counts
With extra large digits offers this multimeter a very good readability. Readings of up to 5999 (6000 counts) are always displayed as 4-digit numbers no matter where the decimal mark is placed.

Hanging mounting
With the foldable stahl-ose can be used for fastening belt systems. The sturdy eyelet is integrated in the eingeklappten state perfectly in the housing concept of the multimeter.

Torch function
On the back is a high-performance LED integrated in the casing. At the push of a button can be found even in darkness the way to the fuse box.

Certified safety
The VC-440 E comes with a TÜV certificate and complies with CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V standards

Reliable readings thanks to ISO calibration
Diagnostics tools used in an environment that complies with ISO 9001 standards require ISO calibration. Moreover, most safety inspectors as well as accredited testing and certification bodies need to use ISO-certified equipment.


  • Dc voltage up to 1000 V
  •  Alternating voltage up to 750 V
  •  Direct and alternating current up to 10 A or 20 A short-time (max. 10 seconds)
  •  Measuring frequency of 60 Hz to 40 MHz (electronically) or from 45 to 400 Hz (electrical, as a sub-function)
  •  Capacities up to 60 mF
  •  Resistances up to 60MΩ
  •  Temperatures from -40 to +1000 °C
  •  Continuity test (<10 Ω acoustic)
  •  Diode testing
  •  3-phase rotation direction indicator
  • Additional functions: Auto/Manual selection of measuring range
  •  Hold function
  •  Max-Min-measured value memory
  •  Peak detection (peak)
  •  Reference value measurement (REL)
  •  Automatic display lighting (can be deactivated)
  •  Automatic swtich-off (selectable)
  •  Built-in LED light
  •  Fold-out clamp and suspension bracket
  •  Battery level indicator
  •  Warning symbol in the measurement of hazardous contact voltages
  •  Protective rubber frame with rear measuring tip holder.

Scope of delivery

  • Digital multimeter
  • 2x CAT IV safety test leads
  • Wire temperature sensor (K type) with adapter
  • 9V battery
  • Operating instructions (on CD)
  • Safety instructions