Digitalni multimetar VOLTCRAFT VC-22

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Digitalni multimetar VOLTCRAFT VC-22 CAT III 600 V.

While supplies last.The handheld multimeter VC-22 SE from Voltcraft has been designed for DIY purposes. The pocket-sized BT-22 can be held in one hand, and is well suited for a wide range of measurement tasks.
Intelligent contactless measurement of electrical fields (NCV)
The electric field strength is displayed in the traffic light principle. Green stands for weak fields, yellow for medium-strong fields and red for very high field strengths. At the same time, an acoustic signal sounds.
Charging status indicator
As soon as the device is switched on, the VC-22 SE automatically detects the charging status of its battery: Green means ready for operation, yellow indicates a low charging status and red together with an acoustic signal indicates that the battery is empty.

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  • Temperature reading
  •  EBTN negative display
  •  acoustic/visual indicator
  •  Battery status indicator • Automatic shutdown
  •  Data hold
  • Digital multimeter VC-22 SE
  •  Test Leads
  •  Temperature probes
  •  2x AAA battery
  •  User manual