Digitalna nano duvaljka JBC JNASE-2A 70W

324.000.00 rsd;



The JNASE-2A nano-hot air repair station enables the simple post-processing of ultra-small SMD components (01005) under the microscope.
JBC offers two easily replaceable hot air nozzles with 1 and 1.5 mm outlet diameters.
The station has a “pick + place” function, which is activated via the pedal, in order to position and remove the components with high precision.

Tehničke specifikacije.

Highlights & Details
Fast and safe desoldering
Hot air station for smallest component processing
Suitable for post-processing of SMD components on surfaces with minimal separation
Allows the temperature and air flow to be regulated at a very low level to avoid driving out/moving adjacent components

1 unit JNAE control unit
1 piece NH hot air soldering iron
1 piece stand NHS
1 hot air nozzle J125010, Ø 1.0 mm
1 cartridge stand SCH-A
1 set of bent needles and suction cups for T-260
1 foot switch P-405
1 piece vacuum pipette T260-A.