Digitalna lemna stanica – Lemilica Weller WXsmart 300W

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Digitalna lemna stanica – Lemilica Weller Wxsmart 300W.

Pico (Nano) /Micro soldering-set for all purpose. A new soldering kit. Optimised soldering set with 2 soldering tips for all pico (nano) and micro soldering tasks in the electronics, medicine and aviation industry. Equipped with new intelligent soldering tools, the system offers the fastest heating-up and rest times, complete process control from the top to the station, first-class connectivity, a user-friendly color touch-screen and the highest cyber security.

Efficiency and quick heating-up times
The new pico (Nano) / Micro soldering iron has the fastest Heat-up and Recovery-times of less than 3 seconds. Excellent heat transfer and recovery time during the soldering process for high performance and continuous work flow. The short distance between tip and handle ensures maximum precision during soldering.
Cost saving 1 soldering irons – suitable for 2 tip families
The kit contains 2 solder tips, one Pico-tip for very small applications and one Micro-tip for standard applications. Both families of tips fit on just one soldering iron handle. Everything WAS you need, is a soldering iron and a soldering station.
Complete process control
Smart soldering tips with an individual serial number, smart tools for storing data parameters and a smart soldering station ensure a complete process control and complete traceability of the calibration history.
Individual, repeatable soldering process
Up to 10 parameter settings can be individually adjusted and stored in the soldering iron, including standby temperatures and automatic switch-off times.
All-in-one soldering station
All-in-one Wxsmart soldering station for all your pico and micro-applications, as well as for high-performance tasks. The station can regulate different watt powers. The station is equipped with 300 W and 2 soldering channels. A total of 12 tools can be connected to WXsmart.
Protects against cyber attacks
TLS encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA), including Weller’s built-in certificate upload mechanism, which provides the soldering station with a customer verification certificate, and protected software updates.
ESD protection.
WXsmart Station and all connected tools are completely ESD-safe.
Scope of delivery
WXsmart 2-channel power supply unit 300 W (T005341699)
WXMPS MS 40 W SOLDERING IRON, 12 V(T0052923699)
Solder tip holder (T0053450299)
TRMS micro soldering tip, chisel-shaped Ø 1.3 x 0.4 mm (T0050109199)
2in1 safety storage WSR 200 (T0051517499N)
RT pico soldering tip, chisel-shaped Ø 0.4 mm x 0.2 mm (T0050102399)