Tahometar Chauvin Arnoux P01174830

96.000.00 rsd;


Chauvin Arnoux P01174830 tahometar 10000 U/min (max) 60 – 100000 U/min – merni instrumenti – Elektroleum.
  • Function (rpm), RPM (revolutions per minute): Range: 60 to 100,000 rpm; Resolution: 0.006 to 6 depending on the measurement range; accuracy: 1.10-4 of the display ±6 Digit
  • Function m/min, ft/min (Lineargewschindigkeit): Range: 6 to 10,000 m/min; Resolution: 0.006 to 6 depending on the measurement range; accuracy: 1.10-4 of the display ±1 step
  • Function Hz (frequency): Range: 1 to 10,000 Hz; Resolution: 0.004 to 0.4 depending on the measurement range; accuracy: ± 4 Digit 4.10-5 of the display
  • Function ms (signal duration): Range: 0.1 to 1.000 ms; Resolution: 0.0003 up to 0.03 depending on the measurement range; accuracy: ± 5 Digit 1.10-4 of the display
  • Function Duty % (duty cycle): Range: 0.1 to 100%; Resolution: 0.1 to 1% depending on the measurement range; accuracy 0.1% of range between 0.2 Hz and 50 Hz; 0.2% of the area between 50 Hz and 125 Hz; 1% of the range over 125 Hz
The C.A 1727 is about his rotary switch is easy to use. Measurements can be done in various ways with or without any contact.
The C.A 1727 is designed for data evaluation with the Software Tachograph supplied as standard with a memory and a USB interface.

At a non-contact optical measurement is a shining mark onto the object to be measured glued.
For measurements with contact using accessories by a mechanical adapter (cylinder, cone or measuring wheel) rotary speeds in pulses converted, which, in turn, by the tachometer.

In the digital display will be a bar graph with 42 segments, preset functions, alarm limits, etc..
The 7 units (U/min, RPM, Hz, etc.) can be accessed directly via the rotary switch and each button is assigned to exactly one function (MIN MAX, smoothing, warning limits, etc.).

Highlights & Details
  • Measurements up to 100 000 rpm
  • Numerous functions
  • Automatic recording and storage options
  • Measurement of linear speeds, event counting, frequency and period measurement
  • Many different programming options
  • USB-interface for evaluating the measured values
  • Carrying case
  • Plug FRB F
  • 9 V battery
  • Set with 15 reflex adhesive tapes (0.1 m long)
  • User manual
  • Quick guide
  • Tachograph software on CD-ROM