Bakarna pasta za lemljenje TOOLCRAFT KUP.D500 500g

2.800.00 rsd


Bakarna pasta za lemljenje TOOLCRAFT KUP.D500 500g.

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GHS / H Statements

  • H 410: Highly toxic to aquatic life, with long-lasting effects

GHS / P Statements

  • P 273: Avoid release into the environment
  • P 391: Collect spillage
  • P 501: Dispose of contents/container at …


Specially designed for use for preventive maintenance. Due to the excellent conductivity is the product in the electric field. The mechanically highly loadable, water-resistant and very isolating active high-temperature paste is suitable for all cutting operations under high temperature effect. You effectively protects against corrosion and seizure of threads and store. Selected additives, a special thickener system, as well as specially coordinated solid lubricants protect against welding, burning, squeaking, burn and give an extreme pressure recording capability. The Copper Paste with a brush in a thin layer on the surfaces to apply. For easier installation and removal of metal parts, bolts, nuts, valves, sliding bearings, chains, flanges, adjusting screws, valves, spark plugs, thread, exhaust screws, etc. Furthermore, the copper paste also successfully used for the lubrication of Chiselling.