Anemometar Extech AN200

27.000.00 rsd


Anemometar Extech AN200.

  • In-built infrared thermometer with laser
  • Measurement range 0.4 to 30 m/s
  • With air volume measurement
    • Temperature measuring range environment -10 to +60 ºC
    • Air volume measuring range 0 – 9999 m³/min (CMM)
    • Temperature measuring range infrared (D/S 08:01) -50 to +280 °C, accuracy ± 2 % or ± 2 ºC
    Measurement device for determining air flow and wind speed utilising a current sensor with ball bearings. Owing to the in-built function for displaying the air quantity (volume) it can be used ideally for measurements in the ventilation technology, etc. Additionally with integrated infrared thermometer for contact-less temperature measurement.
    • Display of the wind speed in m/s, km/h, Knots, Miles/h, ft/min
    •  Display of the volume in CMM (Cubic Meters per Minute) or CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
    •  72 mm Ø current probe
    •  Storage functions for the reading, for 8 areas of air release and a 20 reading average calculation for air flow and volume.
    • Sensor with ball bearings
    •  1 Battery (type: 9 V block)
    •  User manual.