Amper klešta VOLTCRAFT VC-740 E

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Amper klešta VOLTCRAFT VC-740 E Clamp meter, Handheld multimeter Digital Splashproof (IP54) CAT IV 600 V Display (counts): 6000.

  • CAT IV 600 V, 6000 counts
  • Splash-proof (IP54 rating)
  • TÜV certificate
Clamp meter for no-break current readings
The clamp meter enables non-contact AC readings. The benefit of this method is using the clamp to take current readings without the need to switch off and separate power circuits. This prevents plant downtime.Multimeter functions
The VC-740 E clamp meter comes with safety contacts. The included safety test leads enable a wide range of usual tasks to be caried out using the clamp meter instead of a multimeter. Whether voltage, resistance, capacitance, or diode testing – these options elevate the clamp meter to the level of a fully-fledged multimeter.Extremely robust design
The VOLTCRAFT VC-700 series has been especially designed for electrical contractors and maintenance engineers routinely working in exposed conditions. It comes with a wide range of features that make this product an excellent choice.

Heavy duty
The rubber-coated compound enclosure protects meter and device when it’s being dropped on a hard surface, able to withstand a fall from 6 feet. And the rubber-coating also provides lots of grip.

Dust- and sprayproof (IP54)
As indicated by a IP54 rating, VC-700 meters are dust- and sprayproof. This means using the meter on premises with high RH such as production plants, engine rooms and damp garages isn’t a problem at all.

Anti-slip and built-in display protection
VC-700 series features an anti-slip rubber-coated front panel that prevents the meter from sliding across surfaces. The protruding rubber coat also prevents display damage.

True RMS readings ensure accuracy
True RMS measurement enables reading of asymmetrical voltage and amperage with wave forms other than a sinus. Asymmetric voltages are very common in various types of dimmers, speed limiters, synchonised switches, pulse-type chargers, or scale model speed controllers. Which means that in these cases conventional meters displaying average readings are prone to large measurement errors.

Pressing the Hold button requires only one hand.
The Hold button ihas been placed on the right side of the meter, pressing it just needs your thumb. Always leaves your other hand free.

Automatic display lighting.
The built-in light sensor automatically switches on display backlighting in low-light conditions. The display features enhanced contrast levels. Moreover, auto backlighting can be turned off to safe battery life.

6000 count display
Readings of up to 5999 (6000 counts) are always displayed as 4-digit numbers no matter where the decimal mark is placed.

Certified safety
The VC-740 E comes with a TÜV certificate and complies with CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V standards

Factory calibration ensures accurate readings
Calibration according to manufacturer standards is part of Voltcraft Quality Assurance. This ensures high quality products and compliance with tolerance limits as outlined in the user manual. This does not include certification.


  • Reads amperage, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and temperature. Also allows diode and continuity testing.
  •  Backlit LC display
  •  Automatic reading range selection (auto range)
  •  Auto switch-off after 15 min
  •  HOLD function

Scope of delivery

  • VC-740 E
  • 3x AAA battery
  • 2x test lead with CAT IV rating
  • Temperature sensor (-40 to +250°C, type K, with jack connector)
  • Bag
  • Operating instructions (on CD).


The K-type temperature sensor reads temperatures from -40 to +250 °C. Measuring temperatures over +250°C and up to +1000°C requires an appropriate probe (needs to be ordered separately).